The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #4
Sunday, May 16, 1999

a night-specific evening with Brian Goggin

A tour through the specific sights of his vision


Involving works in multiple mediums and opening debates where there seems no question, Brian gave the audience an up close look at how his artistic process processes.

Brian Goggin is a sculptor, known for permanent animations of the inanimate. His site-specific creations include the Defenestration building at 6th and Howard in downtown San Francisco, Body of Urban Myth a bronze fountain complete with a female Hellenic figure hoisting a cast Laundromat style washing machine, and Samson at the Sacramento International Airport which includes two 23-foot tall pillars composed of over 700 pieces of refurbished luggage ranging in vintage from the conceptual genesis of the airplane to the present day. Brian's sculptures reflect his research into the history and nature of the locations with which he works. His current projects include: Convertibles in which concrete couches seem to grow from the earth in Palo Alto, Metaphorm a 47' lute/boat which will be launched into the San Francisco Bay, and Photogenesis three lamp post trees which will soon be found growing in a park in Seattle WA. These and past works and works-in-progress are documented on his website.

From Brian's artist's statement:

First through investigation of a specific site's history, folklore, and the context of the project within that, then through a process of reflection, I come to an appreciation and understanding of the site which helps me develop an image which is at once dream-like yet familiar, poetically meaningful, and conceptually intriguing; unleashing a hidden life and unexpected history in the commonplace. I create works which make the improbable appear plausible, while challenging expected notions of how we perceive and interact with the environment.

Brian talked about his work in the context of Wabi-Sabi and Magic Realism.