The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #3
Sunday, April 18, 1999

small pieces of Michael McElligott

Michael McElligott uttered questionable exclamations, performed original works and provided perspectives on film and literature obscura.
He might have even sung one short song.

mikl-em (aka Michael McElligott)

A disjointing tour through the aesthetic drive of a poet and performer who writes his own press. In addition to his own work Michael presented some alternative Beats (fitting for the Sessions location at the time in historic North Beach), a close look and retrospective of the little known Scottish film movement known as Invisiblism, and a few more surprises, including material from The Bastard Chronicles which he co-wrote, and went on to receive Best of Fringe in the SF Fringe Festival that fall.

Michael McElligott is a poet, playwright, actor, performance scientist, webpage, fashion challenge, conversationalist, & people person who lives in San Francisco. He has performed at Artists Television Access, Venue 9, 848 Community Space, The Werepad, Chicken John's Gong Show, and four years of DadaFests and myriad other locations & occassions in the greater and lesser Bay Area. You can hear him in action! .

Michael (aka mikl-em) has been seen in Popcorn Theater, been known to cavort with the benign mischefs of bianca, and is one of the co-founders of the Tentacle Sessions.