The final Tentacle Session took place on

Sunday, March 30, 2003

Tentacle Session #38

Hal Robins

comic & visual artist / tv sidekick

!!!The Terminal Tentacle!!!


The Mental

Rumors of our demise are... well, they're true. It's just the rattle has taken a long time to shake!

The Sessions are indeed going to offically end with the 38th installment (a.k.a. the Terminal Tentacle!). We are going to shuffle off the same way we arrived, by featuring the-man-sans-imit: Hal Robins

It's official, the long-running Living Artist series the Tentacle Sessions will present only one more show. The last episode of entitled The Mental Traveller featuring performance specialist Hal Robins, will take place on Sunday, March 30, after the cancellation of February 16th, its traditional day on the Third Sunday of February.

Hal Robins is readying his material which will include:

  • exploration of the poetry of William Blake
  • details of Robins' stint as a Hollywood Insider
  • a tribute to a large, imperiled painting
  • a quasi-heraldic venture into natural history
  • a cartoon concert featuring some of Robins' published graphic art (in the manner of Vaughn and Mark Bode)

The venue for this show will be Facility 3, an event which hosted, most recently, the benefit Invoking the Angels. This is the 7th venue that has hosted us over the years, and we think it will be a great place to host our final hurrah under the Tentacle banner.


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Facility 3
1850 Cesar Chavez

$5-$10 sliding scale


7:30pm-??? [doors at 7pm]
and then it's really over!


The Tentacle Sessions is a living artists series. Though many artists are conveniently and centrally located in museums and in art books on coffee tables, the Tentacle Sessions is dedicated to the assertion that close encounters with living artists are a vital experience.

Each Session features one or more artists presenting their work and the how and why around it (by visuals, by performance, and by the good old uttered word). Featured artists run the gamut from traditional visual artists to performers of all kinds and those who defy easy (or conventional) description.

Please join our audience, share one evening a month with some of the more complicated minds of our moment. Mark the 3rd Sunday of each month as a special occasion: the evening of the Tentacle Sessions.

For six years Laughing Squid and the associated Squid List email list have been facilitating attendance at arts events of all shapes and sizes. The Laughing Squid website is a nexus for such sharp edged happenings as the ArtCar Fest, SEEMEN, Circus Redickuless, and on and on. The squid tentacles point the way to underground and overground events which share a certain spark characteristic of the live arts in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. The Tentacles Sessions extend that mission as a live series drawing from the same sea of talent.

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The final Tentacle Sessions
will be produced by:

Danielle Engelman & Mikl-em

Sessions producers of the past:
Scott Beale 
D.S. Black
Helena Nolan   John Law

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Rob the Soundman, Sean Kelly & everyone at Spanganga, Erik Waterman for logo & t-shirt design, these fine ladies and gentlemen who are what it's all about, and, of course the wonderful audiences who are there to watch it happen!

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