The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #11
Sunday, December 19, 1999

Bigrig Industries
& Puzzling Evidence

present BiG EvidEncE

Rusty & Brody

Rigs that are BIG and EVIDENCE that is Puzzling, results in Big Evidence for December's Tentacle Session. Bigrig Industries is about caring. They care about children pulled in carts by goats, about marshmallow Fluff, and they are outspoken proponents of Robobsaurus and Jim Lord. They also provide an easy method for determining if you fit in to the Bigrig universe--do you qualify for "temporary relief" or "a permanent cure." Do us all a favor and go take the Corporate Slack Test on their website right now.

Puzzling Evidence

Puzzling Evidence, amongst his many other accomplishments, shot JR Bob Dobbs dead. In a seemingly unhypocritical coincidence, Puzzling is also a highly ranked pontiff of the religion that Dobbs promulgated -- The Church of the SubGenius. For over a century Mr. Evidence has radiated the gospels of the Sub Genium from the cockpit of the KPFA Berkeley radio studio. He wrote I LIVED IN A TEENAGE WORLD WITHOUT SLACK, which was included in Three-fisted Tales of Bob. Further he is a rampant videographer and, odds have it, has pictures of you on video, probably doing something silly.

So, enough of this endless promotional exposition -- what's the bottom line? What in the penultimate week of the millenium (and the world?) do these learned maniacs have in store for us? What statement or question will they utter to dramatically cap or surgically underwhelm the stultifying suspense of this once in a lifetime occasion? We don't know, because they refuse to tell us.

Just show up and suffer with the rest of us. (P.S. anyone showing up dressed as Santa will be charged double).

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