The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #6
Sunday, July 18, 1999

Ed Holmes
in "Tales of the Sea and Stupidity"

opening sounds were by "Kitten on the Keys" (aka Suzanne Ramsey)

Ed Holmes
adapted from a photo by Lance Keimig

Ed Holmes in Tales of the Sea and Stupidity asked the seemingly innocent question, "What brought you here?" and answered in several voices. Included were stories from his new work Man in a can and the unsolicited advices of Lazlo Bean-Dip purveyor of the unpatentable approach to collecting photons known as Jalopy Photography (slash videography slash cinematography).

But wait, there's more, an evening without Stupid would definitely have been an evening without Bishop Joey "splainin' the deal" about the wacky world of R&WD (religion and world domination) and this was definitely NOT an evening without Stupid, because wherever one or more are gathered......

Ed Holmes has performed in the bay area since 1973 as a mime (!!), clown and actor with The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Antenna Theater, Fratelli Bologna and the SF Opera. He has instigated and led the Saint Stupid's Day parade for 21 years as part of his church The First Church of the Last Laugh. Under the guise of Lazlo Bean-dip he founded the School of Jalopy Photography. He collaborates regularly with numerous creative individuals and organizations for fun, money and duty. He lives in Berkeley and awaits the millenium with bemused interest, extra film and ammo.

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