The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #12
Sunday, January 16, 2000

little lera boroditsky
(girl scientist)

opening music was by DJ Mermaid

lera's brain

!!! TS2K!!! TS2K!!! TS2K!!! TS2K!!! TS2K!!! TS2K!!!

What's happening this Sunday, you ask? It's the show we never thought we'd have to do, because, well, we bet heavily on Y2K (and lost). What's the plot, what's the storyline for this session? let's define it by negation--it's not Mr. Wizard, not Johnny Quest, not Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not the episode of the Gong Show which got it cancelled. It's the Tentacle Sessions featuring little lera boroditsky, girl scientist.

Thanks. Um, so what's the conflict? Hmmmm...Scientist vs. art? Eyes vs. light? Many vs. one? Color as hallucination, the optical as illusion, man vs.maņana vs. the biggest damn banana you've ever seen?

How bout the theme? Or an abstract/summary/abridgment/prospectus type thing? Well, as Lera herself put it: "a low-tech audiovisual disaster, trampling over art, perception, illusion, and other things i know close to nothing about." Heh, heh, believe me, folks, she's being REALLY modest.

Lera will challenge how you look at science, art, and just about everything else. All that and a lovely assistant to boot. She will show you art created by real scientists, things that aren't there, things you wish weren't there, and illusions you have to see to not believe your eyes. All that and something else about Maggie Thatcher.

In real life (and that's all that matters, right?), Lera teaches perception and conducts top-secret research in a magical land called Stan-ford. The question she gets asked the most is "do you know Chelsea?", but the question she gets asked the second-most is "What's up with your big banana?" In unreality, you may have seen Lera in the proximity of Chicken John's myriad game shows as scorekeeper, nurse, scientist (yes, she also plays one on tv), and (shudder) art critic. Lera's other unscientific appearances include as popsicle twin, big banana, dickgirl, & porneoke diva internationale.

Check out her scientific credentials, tons of 'em and if you still aren't happy w/ her qualifications, then, by all means, complain.

We wrap up an entire year of Tentacle Sessions with an unflinching look at the science of illusion and vice versa. If art is in the eye of the beholder, then art will truly be in your eyes, this Sunday when you beholden little lera boroditsky (girl scientist).

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