The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #14
Sunday, March 19, 2000

Mr. Lucky
in "Always an Angle"

with special musical guests
Ralph Carney, Tom Byrne & Austin Lewis

Mr. Lucky
photo by Terry McCarthy

Fortunate San Francisco club-goers since the late Seventies have heard the sound of Mr. Lucky's voice. From Sinatra n' standards to unexpected and unorthodox covers (of the likes of Nirvana and Simple Minds), Lucky has wowed 'em everywhere from old punk dens like Club Foot and Club Generic, to swing chalets like Club Deluxe, to the latest in Mission hot spots like the Hush Hush and the Beauty Bar.

Always dressed to the 9's in 40's and 50's fine fashions, Mr. Lucky is known for being at the forefront of the swing revival in San Francisco in the early 80's as both performer and partygoer (as documented in RE/Search Books). But even those who have followed his career through the last couple decades may not know all of Luck's talents. An actor, poet, and painter in addition to his musical work, Mr. Lucky is that rare quadruple threat. A busy artist, a man with a past, there are things that YOU should know about this guy. Who is he really? The Tentacle Sessions shines a spotlight on the man they call Lucky.

Lucky will brought his poetry/performance routine "Punch and Banger" back from the past (last seen at Club Foot and Hotel Utah in 1980), performing both the original and brand new poems. Some people know that Lucky is a painter, from seeing his work at the Art of Burning Man exhibit, two years ago. But there is much more of it to see. This Session not only showcased some of Mr. Lucky's most recent paintings, it also gave our audience a chance to hear the artist's commentary on his work and influences.

We had rare videos from Lucky's early bands, the 45 that Dr Demento aired, excerpts from the film "Weekend Hippy" which Lucky starred in back in 1982, and more videos of Mr. Lucky's bands from the last few years.

The members of Lucky's backing band played double duty as the opening musical set of the evening. The band features Tom Byrne (samples), Ralph Carney (horns n' things), and Austin Lewis (percussion). In addition to his own recordings, Ralph Carney is well known as a frequent sideman of Tom Waits and a member of Oranj Symphonette.

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