The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #21
Sunday, April 15, 2001

Stuart Mangrum
in If I Told You Id have to Kill You
opening music by Derek Allwardt

Stuart Mangrum
image by paisley

Writer, prankster, and occasional urban legend Stuart Mangrum is a man of many aliases. For April's Tentacle Session he made a rare public appearance as Himself, read from his catalog of cacophonous chronicles, and searched for the true meaning of Easter Ham.

Mangrum is an omnivorous QWERTY mercenary with a sharp pen and a thirst for danger. Under a variety of pseudonyms (Lloyd Void, Jack L. Lopes), this self-described "hack's hack" has written everything from government training manuals to jokes for Chicken John shows.

As writer-publisher Mangrum was "responsible" for the underground 'zine Twisted Times, which chronicled the Cacophony Society in its heyday, from sewer tours to simulated mass suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge. A former Communications Director for the Burning Man Project, he is Publisher Emeritus of the festival's on-site daily newspaper. A noted outdoorsman, he has hunted and bagged computers, propane canisters, and remote-controlled art cars. He has also hunted mummies in Mexico, run amok in a cheap Santa suit (on more than one occassion), and been arrested for climbing the Bay Bridge with a backpack full of martinis.

Mangrum's Tentacle presentation included classic selections from Twisted Times and other printed works, as well as all-new material focusing on his black-bag exploits with secret cabals ranging from the NSA to the BLF, collectively titled If I told You I'd Have to Kill You. And of course, since it was Easter, there were marshmallow Peeps, candied eggs, an easter egg hunt, and Special Spring Surprise Guests (Jesus H Christ and Easter H Bunny!)! Opening live music was by insanely great jazz guitarist Derek Allwardt.

Stuart Mangrum has been, at various times, a journalist, a dotcom executive, a quiz-show host, a real estate trainer, vice president of an advertising agency, a messenger in downtown LA, an encyclopedia salesman, a night school teacher, a ticket scalper, a ghost writer, and an intelligence agent for the US government. A suspected cacophonist and known smoker, he has written and destroyed two novels, and is licensed by the State of California to carry a bullhorn.

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