The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #28
Sunday, November 21, 2001

Annalee Newitz and Dr Brown

Tentacle PORN!!

Tentacle Porn in Session

opening sound was by DJ Ouchy the Clown Get Ouchy!


Annalee & Dr. Brown instructed us on the finer points of Japanese cartoons where cutesie schoolgirls make it with monsters and how a high school boy's penis destroyed Tokyo! It was an evening learning about the sickest and most awe-inspiring subgenre of Japanese animation: TENTACLE PORN (aka hentai anime). The squishy tentacle is Japan's favorite sex organ and we found out why!

The lecture and screening included heaps of tentacular entertainment, as well as slides from the dirtiest of Japanese tentacle manga (comic books). It was expertly hosted by otaku no hentai Annalee Newitz of the SF Bay Guardian and and all-around anime specialist Dr. Brown from Animerica magazine.

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