Tentacle Session #32   :   Sunday 21 April 2002

Donald the Nut

Transcendental Lint
an art and nerd fashion show

April 21st was an evening that will be writ large in the Annals of Eerie-Deuced Results, as Donald the Nut presented a 22 year retroNERDintrospective including the work of his band Three Day Stubble, price-fluxing Mocktioneering, mutated Gong Show-ology, and a Runaway Nerd Fashion Show.

Since 1980, Donald has been the crazed front-man for Three Day Stubble, a nerd rock band that explores the glory and horror of white American culture turned inward upon itself, and the incestuous, expulsive ramifications of our free and, um, democratic society.

The session ran overtime with a special LIVE Three Day Stubble prim-promptu jam!!!

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