The Tentacle Sessions Tentacle Session #27
Sunday, October 21, 2001

Phat Man Dee
opening sound was by the Liquitones

Sing like a Bluebird! Sting like a Bull Seal!

Phat Man Dee!

We could tell you a thing or two about our October artist, or perhaps you've been fortunate enough to see her in action at the Laughing Squid 5th Anniversary Celebration, on tour with Chicken John's Circus Redickuless, with local machine artists SEEMEN, or the Interplanetary Ramen Noodle Wrestling Federation. Her jazz band, Margalit and the Liquitones has been called "an abomination... an experiment in musical suicide" as well as "stunning, divine, and musically inspired."

"Not only does she sing in seven languages, play cello, eat glass, and mesmerize audiences of more socially and culturally diverse backgrounds than a 3 am bus out of Vegas…"

--Bull Seal! Collective

For anyone who is still aflame with questions, Phat Man Dee just might have the answers.

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