Tentacle Session #20   :   Sunday February 18, 2001

Hal Robins
The Catalogue of Monsters

photo by Jennifer Holmes

with opening music by
Jarico Reese of Dead Man's Records fame

February's Tentacle Session featured the multi-talented artist, SubGenius, radio personality, and scholar Hal Robins to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Hal starred in the very first session ever and in the series' first anniversary show last February. What's more he made appearances in sessions VII and XVI.

We have survived Y2K, the technological bogeyman, that diabolial COBOL-spawned demon of ones and zeros. Whether you count 01/01/00 or 01/01/01 as the turn of the millenium, we've made it now, there's no denying. We have survived, and there's nothing to be afraid of any more.


The Tentacle Sessions' most fearless (and most frequent) featured artist would beg to caveat that confidence. There are still things that should worry you. Things that go bump in the night, things that lurk in the deep and thrive in the dark.

But what is there to fear in our technological age? Hackers? Terrorists? Enviornmental castastrophe? Power failures? Market corrections? Dentists?

Nah, none of that lightweight stuff. Worry instead about scary, unearthly, unexplainable creatures, with sharp teeth, bulging muscles, razor-sharp talons, and brains smaller than Roger Corman's production budget.

What we are hinting around about here is monsters! Nosferatu, the Mummy, Kong, Giant Squid, Jerry Lewis, and all their menacing ilk. Safe in your home with only your alarm system to protect you, the bad guys are coming at you analog style.


Hal Robins took the creatures by the peepers and the clawsies and scared the monsters out of the closets, from under the beds, the sky, and of course nefarious regions deep below the earth's surface. Hal brought them all out into the open where they could be seen plainly and made fun of their knobby little knees (when necessary).

Hal Robins' original artwork has graced innumerable publications worldwide over the last 3 decades including the Dark Hotel series in the online magazine Salon. He is one of the premier apostles of the Church of the Subgenius and co-hosts the Puzzling Evidence SubGenius radio show which is heard worldwide via the internet. Hal's writings under the auspices of the SubGenii have appeared in various publications including the official Church tome Three-fisted Tales of "Bob". In recent years Hal has gained yet another level of noteriety amongst San Francisco's liveliest of arts due to numerous collaborations with "circus svengali" Chicken John.

All that and you can celebrate the series' birthday and the inauguration of our new home at Du Nord. You've arrived on a very special night, it's one of the Tentacle Sessions' affairs! It doesn't get better or spookier than this.

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