Tentacle Session #34

Special Father's Day show!!


Rudy Rucker (Senior)

cyberpunk mathematician


Rudy Rucker (Junior)

big Monkeybrain

Rudy Rucker, Sr. (b.1946) is a transrealist cyberpunk mathematician. He is the author of thirteen novels, including the classic Software and the fourth-dimensional Y2K dot-com novel Spaceland, published May 2002. He is a professor of computer science at San Jose State University, specializing in chaotic graphics and computer game design.

Rudy Rucker, Jr. (b. 1972) is an exdot-commer who owns and operates MonkeyBrains.net. Fascinated with information and pop culture, he makes websites which amuse some and trouble others.

Junior let loose his Monkeybrains for all to see, discussing how bad trip he had with Badtrans virus and how his obsessions with Jenna & Laura Bush and wire brushes led to close encounters with the Secret Service and the FBI.

Rudy Sr. read an excerpt from his new book Spaceland, and the Rudys jointly read their new collaborative science fiction story about Jenna Bush.

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